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“Leaders at all levels will benefit from Marcia Conner's amazing book of strategies, exercises, and stories that maximize learning. This book is a must for your reading list this year.”

—Ken Blanchard
Chief Spiritual Officer
Ken Blanchard Companies

“A road map to reawakening the natural process of integrating learning into our daily lives.”

—Kathy O'Driscoll
Human Resources Director

“Finally a publication that genuinely respects learner diversity as much as it offers tangible ideas for dealing with it… Marcia Conner is a true learning champion.”

—Gunnar Brückner
former Chief Learning Officer
United Nations Development

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From the Back Cover
 Self-Help / Personal Growth
 Paper 0-471-27390-2, 256 pp.

We’re all born with a vast capacity to explore and learn. Unfortunately, many of us never discover what we're truly capable of. What if you could reclaim your birthright and tap into your full potential for learning? Imagine how much you could accomplish—how much you could become.  Here’s your chance to find out.

Through her innovative learning programs, Marcia Conner has helped thousands of people unleash the power of their intuition to rediscover the joy of learning and to expand their personal and professional productivity. In Learn More Now, she distills her renowned learning solutions into an easy-to-use ten-step program that will help you:

bulletLearn better, smarter, and faster
bulletIdentify your learning style and your motivation style
bulletSynthesize your experiences, perspectives, thoughts, and actions
bulletDevelop new pathways in your brain to increase your opportunities
bulletAbsorb facts on the fly and overcome information overload
bulletOptimize your environment for concentrating and learning

Packed with fun, easy-to-do action steps and exercises, Learn More Now will help you discover how to be more focused and aware, work in step with your natural rhythms, be improvisational in your approach, and transform your life into a learning adventure.

Marcia L. Conner is managing director of Ageless Learner and an advisor to schools, corporations, associations, and busy people throughout the world. She was a Senior Manager at Microsoft, where she developed groundbreaking training practices, and was an Information Futurist at PeopleSoft, where she led programs for individual and organizational effectiveness.



Buy the Book!

Learn More Now is available through all major book distributors around the world including Amazon.com, so it you can order it online or find it at a store in your area.

If your favorite bookstore doesn't have a copy in stock (you'd find it in the personal growth section of the store) ask the bookseller to order several copies for their store. We have heard that people have consistently been able to find copies at Border's stores although Learn More Now has only been spotted a few times at Barnes + Noble and Books-a-Million stores. They can order a copy for you and have it in the store in less than 5 days. The more copies ordered through stores, the faster they will be begin carrying them in their other stores.

Interested in purchasing 25+ copies? Visit 800-CEOREAD or call Meg 1-800-236-7323 x206 for deeper discounts than the other stores will offer when you buy in bulk.

Interested in a digital version? Amazon.com now offers the book in an e-Book format.




  Artist, Kavita Bali of Urban Peacock, created the fabulous illustrations that run throughout Learn More Now. I've had the pleasure of working with her for years and she wows me every time!



Table of Contents

Learn More Now by Marcia L. Conner has an introduction, ten chapters, recommended readings, and an index. Each chapter contains a roadmap of what will be covered in each chapter, illustrations, assessments, interactive exercises, and practical tips and suggestions for how to learn more. (see full table of contents)

    1   Find Your Motivation
    2   Learn Your Nature
    3   Engage Your Body
    4   Open New Pathways
    5   Attend and Observe
    6   Mind Your Gaps
    7   Get Together
    8   Jump In
    9   Pace Yourself
   10  Optimize Your Environment
   Recommended Resources


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