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“Leaders at all levels will benefit from Marcia Conner's amazing book of strategies, exercises, and stories to maximize learning. When the excitement of learning permeates organizations, people feel valued, talented, and fulfilled. This book is a must for your reading list this year.”

—Ken Blanchard, Chief Spiritual Officer, Ken Blanchard Companies

“We learn so naturally as children; everything we do is about learning. As we mature, many of us lose touch with this innate approach to learning. Marcia Conner's book provides a roadmap to reawakening the natural process of integrating learning into our daily lives.”

—Kathy O'Driscoll, Human Resources Director, Microsoft

Learn More Now combines ease and simplicity with surprising depth. It's easy to learn what Conner is saying, yet her insights are remarkably deep, allowing for some major shifts in approach. Learn More Now makes learning—from books or work or conferences or family or life itself—richer, deeper, and best of all, both fun and easy. Conner made me see old things in new ways, offering simple tactics to make lots of gains in learning. With the tremendous pace of life, Learn More Now is like a 20-point tune-up that improves the efficiency of the most important tool we have—our minds.”

—Daniel Granholm Mulhern, Leadership Consultant and
First Gentleman of the State of Michigan

Learn More Now is a very practical, hands-on resource that has enabled me to develop a much better understanding of how I obtain knowledge and skill and has provided me with best practices for dealing with individuals of differing approaches. The content of the book is very insightful and includes great workbook-style exercises that facilitate learning by doing. Learn More Now coaches individuals towards increased self-awareness and provides tips and techniques for building personal capabilities important to individual and business success. Learn More Now is interesting, fun, and filled with wonderful quotes that provide good learning tidbits. Application of what I've learned through reading Learn More Now will provide me with a repeatable, successful process for future growth and development.”

—Karen Kocher, Vice President of CIGNA Technology Institute, CIGNA

Learn More Now puts its message into the medium. Instead of explicating how learning happens, how learning can be different from our past experiences, how learning can be more effective and fun—it simply and directly *is*. More. Right now.”

—Ginger Sall, maternal and child health advocate, and philanthropist

Learn More Now is a treat for everybody interested in learning smarter. Finally, a publication that genuinely respects learner diversity as much as it offers tangible ideas for dealing with it. Marcia Conner is a true learning champion. In Learn More Now she walks the talk by sharing her immense knowledge about her vocation in a language that resonates with learning specialists as much as novices in that field. Learn More Now presents the complexity of human learning in simple language. Trust the author, take her advice, stay with her to give your learning journey the boost you deserve.
    Learning can be a challenging task; talking to clients in the past, I have always emphasized that there is no shortcut to learning. Learn More Now proves me wrong. Learn More Now will become an indispensable companion on my own learning journey.”

—Gunnar Brückner, former Chief Learning Officer,
United Nations Development Programme

“Learning is the engine that drives companies to new levels of performance. Learn More Now is an excellent workbook to start your journey to a magnificence learning environment.”

—Garry Ridge, President and CEO, WD-40 Company



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