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(July 2004) "Leading Organizational Learning" is a very short review of the new book with the same name. My chapter on Informal Learning is highlighted prominently.

(June 14, 2004) "Learn More in Meetings: How Learning Styles Surface in Unexpected Places" was published in The Employers Group Newsletter. June Issue, Volume 83.

(June 2, 2004) Selling Power Magazine features an overview of Learn More Now in their Spanish-language online publication.

(June 1, 2004) Hal Richman, aka "Dr. Hal" wrote a bit about me and Learn More Now in his most recent blog.

(May 1, 2004) "When People Learn They Change the World" in the Microsoft Alumni Network Newsletter.

(April 29, 2004) "Learning how to learn." Chris Graham. Augusta Free Press

(April 28, 2004) Business Know How e-Magazine features an excerpt from Learn More Now on motivation.

(April 27, 2004) HR.com featured an excerpt from Learn More Now

(April 26, 2004) "Your Career: Keep up with the information," Asbury Park Press.

(April 21, 2004) Live TV interview on nationally televised ABC "World News This Morning."

(April 18, 2004) Anita Bruzzese's syndicated column on the Gannett News Service featured the book in "Learn how to handle information overload." She writes, "The reason people feel overwhelmed with information is because there is an uncomfortable internal feeling because they can't take it all in -- they don't have the 'mental furniture' to set it down." The column also appeared in the Salt Lake City Tribune (4/18), New Jersey Courier News (4/19), and The Tucson Citizen (4/20).

(April 17, 2004) Dave Murphy's syndicated column for the San Francisco Chronicle featured the book in "Learning is a Matter of Style"

(April 13, 2004) Red Herring magazine's blog featured Learn More Now.

(April 4, 2004) The Small Business Advocate interviewed me recently for their radio show and include an article about learning in meetings on their website.

(April 1, 2004) Training magazine quotes me in A Dose of Reality. "Most training professionals today would agree that online learning is just one learning option among many, and that like any option it has its benefits and drawbacks...." This issue also features a sidebar Is Your Online Learning Usable "Marcia Conner believes that the training industry is missing out on a big issue: usability."

(March 29, 2004) Something you should know radio show published the transcript.

For a full list of radio shows I've been on already, see my previous schedule. To hear about those I'll be on in the future, see my current schedule. To interview me for future press, contact me.


Good press from the past...

(October 9, 2003) Business Wire "Online University Consortium Releases Learner Assessment Tool; Free Online Assessment Helps Students Determine Aptitude for Web-based Learning" Business Editors/Education Writers SALT LAKE CITY--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Oct. 9, 2003 The Online University Consortium, the nation's largest network of top name universities, today announced its new

(September 25, 2002) Fastcompany.com included the daily roadshow diary of Company of Friends Heath Row as he traveled down the East Coast. Read about our time together.

Find Out How eLearning Can Work to Your Advantage at a University of Virginia Business Forum Business Wire,  August 20, 2001  

Adult, Career, and Vocational Education: An Internet Guide. ERIC Digest No. 196
The Internet includes thousands of websites and listservs related to every imaginable subject. Sifting through them to find the ones that relate to a specific areas of interest can be a time-consuming. ERIC Educational Reports, 12/1/97 by Judith O. Wagner 1 page More from publication

1.  The Conference Board's Knowledge Management and Organizational Learning Conference to Be Held June 9-10 in Chicago; Experts to Discuss 'Driving Performance and Value Across the Enterprise'.  Preview articles from our premium archive of 33 million documents. 
PR Newswire; May 19, 2004; 535 Words
 ... to manage knowledge and learning effectively within and ... Management and Organizational Learning Conference. This meeting ... Corporation. -- Creating a Learning Culture: The CEO Perspective ... session will be moderated by Marcia Conner, Managing Director, Ageless ... examined by Bob Dean, Chief ...
2.  E-Learning Experts to Meet in New York and San Diego.  Preview articles from our premium archive of 33 million documents. 
PR Newswire; May 10, 2001; 564 Words
 ... by John Cone, Vice President, Dell Learning, Dell Computer Corporation. The luncheon keynote address, E- Learning for E-Business, will be given in New ... DiamondCluster International and author of E- Learning: Strategies for Delivering Knowledge ... luncheon keynote address, A Successful E- Learning ...
3.  LEARNING: THE CRITICAL TECHNOLOGY(R); WAVE RELEASES WHITEPAPER ON ADULT EDUCATION IN THE INFORMATION AGE  Preview articles from our premium archive of 33 million documents. 
PR Newswire; March 27, 1995; 434 Words
 ... whitepaper released today, titled Learning: The Critical Technology(R ... the importance of making the learning process adaptive to individual learning strengths. Wave Technologies ... the company has developed a learning methodology -- The Wave Learning System(TM) -- that serves ... increase the ...
4.  Live and learn.(Brief Article)  Preview articles from our premium archive of 33 million documents. 
Australasian Business Intelligence; April 18, 2005; Gome, Amanda Caroline Tan Swee Lin; 175 Words
 ... dubbed the resurgence of learning within companies. Marcia Conner, of Ageless Learning, says the shortage means ... culture of continuous learning to be created and maintained ... must have a commitment to learning. There are a number of ...
5.  Where oh where is plug & play?  Preview articles from our premium archive of 33 million documents. 
E-Learning; November 1, 2002; Gordon, Jack; 3,326 Words
 ... Robby Robson, who chairs the IEEE Learning Technology Standards Committee. The ... operates properly on their systems. Thinq Learning Solutions has created a Web-based ... until plug-and-play? The push for learning standards is often compared to earlier ... Cheryl Puterbaugh, manager of IT learning and ...
6.  Saba Virtual Classroom Powers Seminars on Human Capital Trends; Saba Expands Popular Virtual Seminar Series with New Topics from Prominent Thought Leaders.  Preview articles from our premium archive of 33 million documents. 
PR Newswire; March 14, 2002; 665 Words
 ... What Matters April 4 Speaker: Marcia Conner, Executive Director and Co-found ... Learnativity and Editor-in-chief of Learning in the New Economy e-Magazine ... Recognizing the Value of Informal Learning April 16 Speaker: Tom Davenport ... enable formal and informal learning across as many as ...
7.  Durham, N.C., Council Moves to Foreclose on House.  Preview articles from our premium archive of 33 million documents. 
The News & Observer (Raleigh, North Carolina) (via Knight-Ridder/Tribune Business News); April 9, 2004; 726 Words
 ... and to start her over with a 1996 loan balance. City Manager Marcia Conner had recommended restructuring the agreement but charging Bodison ... officials. Council members opted to revisit the decision after learning of Bodison's tax delinquency, her persistent refusal to sign ...
8.  Saba-Sponsored Thought Leader Seminars Draw Thousands of Attendees.  Preview articles from our premium archive of 33 million documents. 
PR Newswire; January 30, 2003; 751 Words
 ... said Brook Manville, Saba Chief Learning Officer and host of the Human Capital ... Future: A New Model for Talent and Learning, sponsored by Accenture and presented ... related to the following trends: -- Learning strategy - Marcia Conner, Learnativity; Jay Cross and Clark



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