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As you may know, the book publishing business has its special quirks and eccentricities. In order to be considered by the publisher a success, authors need to follow up years of writing with months of non-stop marketing and sales, which tells the publisher if the book "has legs" and therefore is worthy of receiving additional and ongoing attention. I'm in that fickle period now—and I am hoping you will agree to join me now in telling the world that the book is out, available, and worth buying and reading.

There are several ways you can help...

1.    Please consider writing a review on Amazon.com that will encourage shoppers to buy the book. The review can be about the book or even your experience with me, the author. These reviews really do help! If you’re so inclined, also consider writing a review on the Barnes+Noble website. B+N.com's reviews are not as widely viewed as Amazon's, but they are still worthwhile.

[You can also review the book on the Canadian Amazon site, review on the UK Amazon site, review in German, review in French, or review in Japanese]

As an aside, in the next few weeks we hope that Amazon will offer readers the opportunity to "look inside." In the meantime, personal reviews really help strangers make the leap to say, "I need to buy this book!"

2.    Visit your local bookstores (the more the merrier), and ask if they have Learn More Now in stock. If not, request that they "short list" it (another way to ask them to order a few copies to have on hand). All of the large distributors have copies in stock but not all retailers have placed orders so that it appears in their stores. These personal requests make a big difference. It shows that someone in the community is interested in the book. If a store you visit carries the book already, it will likely be in the "personal growth" or "self-help" section. Consider turning it so that it faces out so that more people can see the cover. :-)

3.    Talk about the book, tell your children's’ teachers about it, mention it to your friends, blog about it, use it in a book club, and suggest that groups you work with order copies for their members, employees, or clients. Learn More Now makes a great gift! 800-CEO-READ offers substantial volume discounts.

4.    If you know people in the media—print, TV, radio, or web—tell them you know about a *fun* and useful new book that would make a great story or segment. Encourage them to contact me directly, and I can answer all of their questions or put them in touch with my publicist.

5.    Consider mentioning the book on your company intranet, in a class you teach, in your local newspaper, or for the PTA bulletin. Editors are always looking for content, and a personal recommendation is usually very well received. Let me know if you'd like a short excerpt, a review, or other descriptions.

6.    Contribute your review of this book to this website or for others to use by sending me email with your review.

7.    Listen to a radio show, or come to someplace where I'm speaking. My schedule is posted online.

Thank you in advance for your help and encouragement. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

With deep appreciation,



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